Compliance & Governance

Improve Efficiency. Get Business Results.

How do you get your organization into compliance — without also reining in growth?

Look to Mastodon. We work with you to identify gaps in your compliance, and come up with holistic solutions. Rather than applying a patchwork of new, cumbersome processes, we help automate and streamline existing technology and business processes. We'll reduce costs by simplifying processes, eliminating redundancy and gaining efficiency, while ensuring adequate control. When you work with us, you don't just get a clean bill of health for compliance. You get the scaling, automation, and systems your company needs to grow.

Navigating the complexities of regulations like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act takes a dedicated compliance expert — someone with the methodology, tools and expertise that can only come from significant past experience with small companies and multinational giants.

Working closely with business and technology departments, we help you comply with the law — without compromising efficiency. And because we're independent, we're able to maintain complete objectivity, and we'll install simple, automated controls which don't compromise your business.

We can help with all aspects of Finance and IT SOX compliance — from gap analysis and project management to testing and training.

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