Corporate governance for high-tech firms

Consumer products company achieves Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, while lowering cost through operational efficiency and automation

Mastodon helped the company achieve SOX compliance, while developing a comprehensive IT Governance model and executed against that vision, building a culture of discipline and accountability. Refined operations and engineering processes to balance operational reliability with strategic positioning. Mastodon reduced costs by developing, improving and automating processes, driving redundant work out and gaining efficiency. (more)

Biotechnology company optimizes deployment procedures, increasing speed and efficiency and reducing cost and complexity

One of the nation's oldest and largest biotech companies was suffering from overweight, slow and costly development processes in an FDA-regulated environment, so Mastodon identified changes to people, processes and tools to facilitate speed and efficiency. Led organizational reform and operational cost-effectiveness through adoption of best practices, through restructuring the organization's change management procedures. (more)

Public utility overcomes cost overruns and scheduling delays on large capital projects

Mastodon helped a major utility develop stronger project governance and oversight. We developed a company-wide project management policy, procedure and standard, and unified reporting structure, so executives could better evaluate performance and manage risk. (more)

Microelectronics manufacturer meets a compliance deadline, and reduces software production errors

A daunting compliance deadline loomed for a microelectronics manufacturer, but Mastodon stepped in to help the company develop and document technology procedures and controls. Developed a framework of good governance practices and resolved critical risks via procedural and cultural change. (more)

Life sciences company develops a flexible methodology framework

A leading life sciences company struggled with technology deployments which did not meet performance criteria, had insufficient attention to interdependencies on other applications and processes, and which ultimately did not meet user requirements and objectives. Mastodon developed a comprehensive and flexible System Development Life Cycle framework that factored risk, criticality and team size into project rigor. (more)