IT is the Engine of Your Business


Whether your company is growing too fast or needs to prepare for future growth, your IT can suffer if it isn't synced with the business.

And when IT suffers, so do productivity, compliance, and market share.

Enter Mastodon

We help you fix complex IT problems so you get business results. By coordinating with engineering and operations, we help you comply with the law — without compromising efficiency.

We've helped dozens of companies grow out of their IT problems and into business results.

Improve Efficiency. Get Business Results.

We provide CIOs and technology executives with fresh thinking and recommendations and execution, to take you to the next level.

Strategic Alignment and Execution: You want to maximize shareholder value, and spend less time dealing with tactical issues like execution details — but priorities are misaligned. How do you balance short and long term strategic issues, and ensure the corporation is achieving high performance in the face of complex challenges? Mastodon brings sophisticated performance management, that will take day-to-day management off your plate, and help you effectively measure and modify organization effectiveness.

Regulatory Compliance: Mastodon can ensure clear communications with investors, while mitigating financial, legal and regulatory risks. We handle your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) issues, so you can protect shareholder's interests, and spend more time in forward-looking issues. The result is greater accountability, improved operational performance and increased clarity.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Your company can be more socially responsible, without sacrificing profitability. How can you ensure good corporate citizenship and reputation, while strengthening business results?